Haiti children find love and hope through soccer.

With all that we see and hear in the news these days, you would think that nothing good happens in Haiti.

But four hours by road north of Port-au-Prince, is the town of Verrettes.  Here, a man and his son have decided to contribute to the development of children in the country by establishing the Jean Marc Alexandre Soccer Academy.  The objective of the academy is to develop players, and bring hope and happiness to children and their families through soccer.  I was led into the project by my younger brother Robbie Russell, who plays with Jean Alexandre professionally in MLS with Real Salt Lake.  Jean and his dad, Jean Alexandre Sr. started the academy in 2007, hoping to use it as a launching pad for children in Haiti to get professional opportunities in the US and elsewhere.  Ferdie’s Soccer Magic was on hand to offer a skills curriculum, train coaches, and educate children on the keys to success.  Below is a video tribute to my experience, one that I will cherish forever.  Acknowledging Me also, Follow me, Tony, and Jean Sr.  Thank you for an amazing experience.

Contact:  ferdie@ferdiesoccermagic.com, www.ferdiesoccermagic.com,  Tel: 972 442 9706

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